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One killdeer probably doesn't pose much of a threat to an airplane. But in the fall, those birds come through in large flocks. potential of a multi bird strike is what you're always concerned about with these small birds, Antonides said.

The Aberdeen airport totals 1,240 acres. Antonides counts 13 wetlands at the airport, totaling 44 acres.

Airports keep careful track of the birds that enter their air space and the critters that enter on foot. Wilson and maintenance foreman Bob King have a list of all the birds, including the species of each, that strike aircraft at the Aberdeen airport. They also take note of all that we find lying dead within 200 feet of the runway center line, Wilson said. It is assumed that those birds struck an aircraft.

nothing we can do about a bird that's just sitting there, not eating or anything. Bill Antonides of Aberdeen said killdeer are ubiquitous in the world of air travel. airport environment just seems to be wonderful for killdeer, said Antonides, who is a qualified airport wildlife biologist, as certified by Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Even small birds are a big problem at airports.

we're hitting ducks, then we darn sure better be doing something about that, Antonides said.

It took just one small stone to fell Goliath, he noted.

All sorts of feathered and furry creatures are a threat to aircraft both commercial and private. Part of an airport manager's job is to take care of wildlife effectively, said Mike Wilson, who handles that job in Aberdeen. The Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Cream Australia Shop main issue is the danger to human life.

At airports which have a lot of wetlands in the area, such as Aberdeen's, there are a lot of nesting waterfowl and nesting pheasants in the summertime. recommend that they cut that grass back down shorter to get rid of those nesting birds, said.

A group meets at the airport once a year to discuss wildlife hazards.

The Aberdeen airport takes lots of steps to control wildlife.

By keeping track of that information, an airport knows what type of wildlife it has issues with. Steps can then be taken.

Aberdeen airport tackles threat posed

Antonides prepared the wildlife hazard assessment and the wildlife hazard management plan for the Aberdeen airport.

The birds are small and dense. sometimes called feather bullets. Nearly 100 people have been killed in crashes caused by starlings. One type of duck causes a lot of problems for pilots. reasons I can't explain, a pintail seems to be more hazardous than several other species of waterfowl, Antonides said.

Last year, Wilson saw a herd of 25 to 30 deer just outside airport property. that fence been lower or not there, they would have definitely been on the field, Wilson said.

The airport also voluntarily takes part in a program operated by the Smithsonian Institution's Feather Identification Lab. When Aberdeen airport officials can't determine the species of a bird, they send the bird to the program, which maintains a database for the Federal Aviation Administration. Even a blood smudge on an aircraft is enough to tell what type of bird it is.

There are many ways to modify wildlife patterns, he said.

Deer have not been a problem since the final section of the airport's chain link fence was completed six or seven years ago. The entire airport is now surrounded by fencing that is either six or eight feet high, with a two foot outrigger attached to the top. Since the fence was completed, maybe one or two deer a year get onto airport property, King said.

Airports can do a variety of things to control wildlife populations.

But in general, you're going to have to make choices, hitting a barn swallow or a cliff swallow is a whole lot better than hitting a giant Canada goose, Antonides said. air history is the starling, Antonides said. not because of their size. It's because of their propensity to fly in huge, thick flocks, Antonides said.

If striped gophers are spotted, going to take care of them because there'll be birds hovering overhead, Wilson said. Skunks and raccoons are trapped. Corn is not grown on airport property only hay because it would attract birds and animals.

Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Cream Australia Shop

When birds become abundant, an airport employee sprays pesticide along the runways to eliminate spiders and grasshoppers, which birds consider delicious.

Except for the airport he's working on now, at Yellowstone National Park, killdeer have been a familiar site at every airport Antonides has worked with.

During the daily runway inspections three on weekdays, two on Saturday and Sunday also do wildlife inspections, King said.

In the fall, for example, blackbirds prefer a closely manicured landscape. like green grass that's three inches or shorter. In the fall, when huge flocks of blackbirds arrive, Antonides advises airports to keep the grass taller than six inches. Small flocking birds rely on visual contact with each other to when to fly, when to stay put, that sort of thing.'

This time of year, the airport starts looking for geese to start coming in. in October we'll put out a notice to airmen stating that there's migratory waterfowl on and in vicinity of the airport, Wilson said.

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Latest Hamilton County Jail Booking Report

The first segment of the statewide fall Canada goose season will run Oct. 8 25, while the northwest Canada goose zone dates are Oct. 8 12. The 2016 17 Tennessee Waterfowl Hunting Guide printed version had the dates incorrectly listed as Oct. 8 12 for the statewide zone. Following the opening segment, other statewide Canada goose zone dates are Nov. 26 27 and Dec. 3 Jan. 29, . (click for more)

Evans Picks Up For Race Against Gilbert In City Council District 5

A man was shot on Houston Street late Friday night. , Chattanooga Police responded to a person shot at the 1200 block of Houston Street. Police were called to a disorder and heard gunfire in the area. Officers located and assisted a man suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim was transported to a local hospital by Hamilton County . on Friday, in a hazardous materials incident. The employee was reportedly filling a large, plastic container with a hazardous substance when the chemical splashed onto him. Fellow employees at the plant got the victim away from the container and called 911. The Chattanooga . (click for more)

TVA Invites Public To View Aquatic Health Surveys

Star Party Will Be Held Oct. 22 At Cloudland Canyon State Park

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Outdoor Chattanooga News And Events

Brown Middle School Principal Suspended Without Pay Over Unspecified Personnel Issue

TWRA Requests Public Input For 2017 18 Waterfowl And Other Migratory Bird Hunting Seasons

Trojans And Panthers Unite In Thanking Fred Skillern

I have a dear and blessed friend who, when he learned he had Parkinson's disease, did not leave his house for almost a year. He hid, he wept, his soul was crushed and soon it was as though he became "a totally different person." Then he learned to fight. This June one of the very few people who even knew he was sick whispered to him about the Rock Steady Boxing program at the North . (click for more)

Roy Exum: Parkinson's? Fight It!

The Labor Day holiday, the final major weekend of the 2016 summer boating season is Sept. 2 5. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wants to emphasize the use of life jackets while boating in a safe and responsible manner.

The TWRA wants all those who visit the waterways to have an enjoyable time. However, TWRA officers will be on the watch for dangerous boating behavior, such as boating under the influence (BUI) and other reckless operation.

The faculties and students of both Soddy Daisy and Sale Creek High Schools would like to publicly thank former Commissioner Fred Skillern for his very generous donations from his commissioner retroactive pay to the two high schools. Once again, Mr. Skillern came through for the schools in his district as he did for so many years. Thank you, Mr. Skillern. Soddy . (click for more)

Sheriff's Office Warns Of Scam About Jury Duty Or Bond Fees

Man Shot On Houston Street Late Friday Night

2016 Labor Day Holiday Boating Weekend Is Upcoming

Oct. 19 Is Deadline To Men Canada Goose Constable Parka Navy Australia Submit Comments For 2017 18 Sport Fish Regulations

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is soliciting comments for its 2017 18 waterfowl and other migratory bird hunting regulations, including sandhill cranes. This is an opportunity for the public to provide ideas and share concerns about hunting regulations with TWRA staff. The comment period is open Oct. 15 Nov. 15, 2016. Due to recent changes in the timing of the federal . (click for more)

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In order to understand the judge reasoning and the position of the Six Nations community, it is important to view the decision through a historical lens, says Shin Imai, a law professor at Osgoode Hall who has spent the past four decades working in the area of indigenous rights.

Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Australia Sale

She argues that one way to see the decision is that the interest in having Aboriginal rights upheld is outweighing the right to life for this child and I don see how they could have justified that because in the law there is a basic presumption in favour of life.

The judge wrote that a medical doctor on Six Nations, Dr. Karen Hill, works with Alba Jamieson, a traditional medical practitioner, demonstrating that traditional healing continues to be practiced on the reserve. He also wrote that the mother sought treatment for the child at an alternative care facility in Florida over the course of the hearing, though it unclear whether that facility provides traditional medicine.

Edward decision has left many legal experts in constitutional and family law questioning whether the rights of the child were properly weighed in this case.

courts have said the purpose of Section 35 is to reconcile First Nations or Aboriginal communities with the rest of Canada, says Imai. what has been obvious to non indigenous people as good ended in total disaster. (In residential schools) it was good to beat them when they spoke their own language . . . It was obvious in the sixties when all these children were taken off the reserves.

Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Australia Sale

Refusing chemotherapy a decision made by a mother, on behalf of a daughter she truly loves, steeped in a practice that has been rooted in their culture from its beginnings, wrote Edward.

The judge notes that Section 35 of the Constitution is not part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As such, it is not governed by Section 1 of the Charter which places limits on rights like freedom of expression or freedom of religion. Then he stopped which was wrong, says Ryder.

Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Australia Sale

And so Edward did not force the Brant Children Aid Society to apprehend the girl and undergo the chemotherapy her doctors at the McMaster Children Hospital said gave her a 90 to 95 per cent chance of survival her only chance of survival. He, instead, established that Section 35 of the Constitution protects the Aboriginal practice of using traditional medicine and the right of the mother to have her child treated with traditional medicine over chemotherapy.

In those cases the courts essentially say to parents, your Charter right to freedom of religion does not override your child right to life, says Cheryl Milne, the executive director of the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights at the University of Toronto. She adds that Canada, as a signatory of the UN Convention on the rights of a child, also has obligations to protect the life and health of children.

I find the decision is a little unclear on is the right of her child herself and seeing her rights as separate, says Milne.

The case is distinct from other instances where courts have intervened to force medical treatment on minors not considered capable of making their own decisions often because of religious objections, such as in the case of Jehovah Witnesses refusing to accept blood transfusions.

The main and obvious flaw in decision is that the judge doesn address possible limitations on Aboriginal rights, says Bruce Ryder, a law professor at Osgoode Hall specializing in constitutional law.

a First Nations child to undergo unwanted, mainstream medical treatment is an affront to the dignity and autonomy of the child, our cultures, and our nations, says a statement from the Six Nations of the Grand River and the Mississaugas of New Credit praising the decision. our children been forced into treatment, it would have Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Australia Sale had a disastrous effect on their emotional, psychological, and spiritual well being.

The ruling has been supported by Aboriginal communities and met with concern by non Aboriginal legal experts who question whether the decision adequately considered the rights of the girl and the duty of the government to protect the best interest of the child. is her aboriginal right, wrote Justice Gethin Edward in his Nov. 14, 2014 decision.

The Supreme Court of Canada has clearly said that rights are absolute, all rights are subject to limits that have to be justified by the government, he said. question that the judge didn even consider is whether the process put in place for imposing treatments on a child, when it in the best interest of child, might be a justified limit on Section 35.

The hospital has said it has no plans to appeal the decision. This is a of competing sorrows, because no matter what you do somebody is going to be hurt or harmed or upset, says Margaret Somerville, the founding director of the Centre of Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University.

In choosing not to unilaterally order the child taken from her parents and community, Imai notes that the judge considered that in addition to loving and caring parents, the Six Nations community was actively involved and concerned about the care of the child.

In the decision, Edward refers to the history of our country prosecution of those who practiced traditional medicine. Every decision from the outside that says is good for you and whether you think so or not we going to do it has to consider that perspective, Imai said.

think it important to note that these parents were not proposing to not have their daughter receive any treatment, says Katherine Hensel, a prominent lawyer with extensive experience representing First Nations people. was receiving traditional medicines which, to the best of their knowledge, can and should be used. And are always used.

Aboriginal medicine ruling sparks instant controversy

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For most Canadians, the North is less physical fact or collection of geopolitical entities than, as Glenn Gould had it, an idea, a place of the imagination. Call it the Frosty Exotic, a place informed by a hodgepodge of cultural and historical touchstones soapstone carvings at the airport gift shop; Robert W. Service poems; the doomed Franklin expedition; Never Cry Wolf; Atanarjuat; Cape Dorset prints; infinities of snow, ice, rock and tundra, beautiful and terrifying, seen from a Twin Otter cockpit. Most Canadians, of course, will never visit Cape Dorset or Inuvik, or witness a caribou migration. The most "Arctic" experience they're ever likely to have or want will be donning a parka with a Canada Goose Arctic Program patch on the arm.

Yet the North remains the source of such stuff as dreams are made on. Until the mid 20th century, those dreams were transmitted largely via Service, Yves Thriault, Jack London and their ilk (white, male "tourists"). But for the last six decades or so, it's been Northerners themselves, aboriginal peoples mostly, who have been the primary purveyors of the Arctic narrative, at least its artistic manifestations. Mastery of printmaking and carving, in fact, have made international stars of Kenojuak Ashevak, Ashoona Pitseolak and Joe Talirunili, among others. In recent years, Northern creators have edged more closely to the artistic mainstream, both in terms of content (expanding beyond mythological, folkloric and natural themes into Discount Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Brown Australia grittier contemporary territory) and media (video, film, music, dance and theatre).

This is part of The North, a Globe investigation of unprecedented change to the climate, culture and politics of Canada's last frontier. Join the conversation with GlobeNorth

A new generation of Arctic artists push the boundaries of Northern art

Discount Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Brown Australia

Perhaps the best illustration of this apotheosis of North moving South, South moving North, occurred in late 2006 in Montreal, when Cape Dorset's Annie Pootoogook won the $50,000 Sobey Art Award, prevailing over finalists from Vancouver, Halifax, Quebec and London. Today there are probably no more than 750 artists of all stripes living in Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut 120 alone live in Cape Dorset whereas, according to one study, Ontario's total exceeds 57,000. Yet it could be argued that Arctic artists have punched well above their numbers and will continue to do so. Educated at Nova Scotia College of Art DesignPatrick Kane.

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They were executed in front of a huge crowd. Both boys showed touching dignity and their youth and beauty moved the crowds but this made the French even more determined to kill them, the last thing they wanted was handsome, dashing fighters on their tail for the next thirty years. And so, they died and Gertrude shrieked with intense pain when a priest came to her, bearing the news. She locked herself in a cloister which had armed guards so no king or emperor could take her again and she, at a still young age, became an abbess. She lived a remarkably long time, until she was over 80 years old. By then, the Hapsburgs took Austria by the sword and became the new rulers and they ruled until WWI.

Margaret's marriage with the Emperor's son collapses. He decides he really wants Agnes after all, she is a year younger than himself. This is another very messy divorce. For the next ten years, the Emperor, his son and Streitbar fight each other, ally with each other and humiliate each other in increasingly bloody confrontations which of course, storm up and down Austria. Sounds like my own family here.

A note at this point: the people in this timeline are what we can easily call, 'The Ruling Class.' Every one of them earned their titles via the sword. Holding their titles involved lots and lots of direct hand to hand combat. Weak kings were killed or assassinated with quick brutality. It is a dog eat peasant world. Various restless tribes which brought down the Roman Empire fell under the control of these heavily interlocked warrior families. Everyone in these families, and there were only several dozen of these families, and they intermarried heavily, often to a very astonishing degree whereby a husband and wife could be cousins, aunts and uncles and stepfathers and stepmothers SIMULTANEOUSLY. Their pedigrees were carefully kept by the Church and tracking their complex sexual interactions is a real headache as well as frightful in its consequences.

1177, Leopold the Pious of Austria marries the daughter of the fierce Mygars of Hungary. His sister, Agnes Babenberger, is married to the king of Hungary. The dynastic marriages get increasingly complicated as now, the Byzantine Emperors are trying to form alliances with the barbarians around them but due to Byzantine palace politics, this always gets screwed up as the women are married off, they often seek revenge on whoever sits on the throne there, this causes many headaches as well as head detachments.

The Old Man of the Mountain in Lebanon sends assassins after everyone, killing the Duke of Bavaria (everyone's uncle in this saga). Agnes of Bohemia meanwhile remained in her convent. But the Emperor, Frederick II, decides she is a real sexy teenager and demands to marry her and forces the King of Bohemia to hand her over. But just like in romances, St. Claire, plutonic love of St. Francis of Assizi, rode swiftly north to save her and she forcibly intervened and stood literally between the crazed Emperor and his prey, thwarting him.

Henry II came along in 1143 and rode to Constantinople on crusade. The Emperor had just killed off his rival and his rival's daughter, Theodora, had to be taken care of. He decided to marry her off to a barbarian. So he sent Henry to her chambers. Her maids and her mother were wailing with fear and horror when he ventured in. Within minutes, he put his sword at the trembling Princess' feet and swore she was the loveliest woman on earth and he would kill anyone who dared to dishonor or upset her.

Both Leopold and Phillip had a great time, toying with him. He was kept in a very isolated castle. His mother was driven to distraction, trying to deal with the political difficulties of springing him. Phillip wanted him penned up because Phillip feared fighting him but delighted in fighting his cowardly brother. And Leopold was cold bloodedly teaching Richard a lesson. In the end, so many people were offering him so much money, he sold his captive for a fine randsom. He then established a community for Jews from Venice, in Styria called, of course, Judenburg (Jewish mountain). He then lives high off the hog on the proceeds which is invested in several enterprises (one of which lost much of it in the end) and decided to host fancy tournaments for the chivalry.

The HRE, Frederick II, was uncle to Streitbar. They hated each other's guts. And didn't hide it one bit, either. Streitbar's older sister, Agnes, marries the son of this Holy Roman Emperor. But alas, the Emperor also hated his own son. And his son hated Margaret who was much older than him. Like nearly 20 years older. And unlike all other Babenbergers, she didn't get the 'sexy' gene, either. She was pretty grim. Behind all this messy family stuff, Leopold, before he died, made what he thought was a nice deal for his dynasty but it really set in motion the disaster that was to destroy everyone: he took in the daughter of the king of Bohemia, Agnes, to teach her courtly manners and graces so she could become the empress.

The Pope hears about Gertrude growing up as a lovely duchess and anxious to stop the eternal and worsening wars in Middle Europe and to weaken the Holy Roman Emperor, his rival in Rome, he has his envoys arrange a marriage of this protected duchess to the son of the King of Bohemia, both children are only 12 years old! Well, Streitbar rode up to Bohemia to arrange the final paperwork of this diplomatic marriage. Of course, he got drunk, got in a fight with King Wenscaslas, called him names and stormed out of the kingdom.

But his wife wanted her own daughter to be empress (Byzantine pride here) so the poor girl was popped into a nunnery. Leopold then told the king of Hungary he would represent him in Rome while negotiating with the Emperor. Louis VIII of France wanted his daughter to marry Frederick II, too. And the Electors of Germany chose poor Agnes. But Leopold persuaded the Emperor to pick his own child and this back stabbing infuriated three major kingdoms that surrounded Austria. But Leopold thought he could handle this because he had the entire Emperor at his beck and call. Only he died in that accident.

We at Free Nations have long provided conclusive proof of the German imperialist nature of the the embryo Euro State and its effective achievement in the last few decades of the 20th century of everything which two world wars failed to deliver. One of the many ways in which this new power over our country, our parliament and our people and the once free nation states of Europe has been achieved is by the drawing of maps. Regionalism undermines nation states. Economic centralism undermines the logic of nation states. EU bureaucratic centralism overrides national Parliaments. On mainland Europe racial and ethnic politics funded by the German Government and based on Nazi founded organizations like the Federal Union of European Ethnic Groups are also exploited to wipe out national boundaries. By eliminating those boundaries Germany can revert to the power of the Volk, (ethnic Germans, wherever they are) to form a new power base.

The futility, fighting and fear within the ruling elites is also an old story that continues to this day. The people within this community do morph over time but also they keep themselves 'pure' by choice marriage. The old elites were nearly destroyed by WWI and WWII and the sexual deviancies within these inbred families leads to uncertainties. We see tragedies like Gertrude today, too, such as poor Princess Di and her ugly divorce and even uglier death. And her death still roils the royals of England for many of the populace still are most suspicious and this grows over time despite all efforts to quell it.

But in 1212, Frederick the Streitbar (stressed out or vicious) was born. He was not only gay as Richard, he loved to brawl and was totally spoiled rotten by his Byzantine Princess mother, being the youngest child. Alas, his handsome and very heterosexual brothers died in the Crusades. His aunt Gertrude, queen of Hungary, was murdered by the nobility there because she wanted to marry her daughte to a Teutonic Knight while her husband was on crusade with her brother. This caused Streitbar a lot of stress and he hated the kings of Hungary the rest of his turbulent life.

She still refused him. He eventually divorced her but Bela and Ottokar split her duchy between them and left her only one castle which overlooked Judenburg. The Jewish community felt her sorrow and pain and protected her and protected her children. So she lived a simple but well cared for life. Her son was a dashing, handsome lad. His mother has intense pride in him. Alas for her, he becomes close friends with the grandson of the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II. Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Australia When Conradin, the heir to the Empire and Frederick III, hier to Austria, rode off to fight in Italy when they were only 15 years old. The battles over Rome raged but alas for poor Gertrude, both boys were captured by Papal forces.

Streitbar agreed. He loved her more than anyone. So he did as she wished. The Emperor was enraged and swore he would take her by force. The Archbishop rode off to Thuringa to her step father, Henry Raspe and offered him the crown of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1246, armies clash at the Battle of Lietha where the Streitbar is slain byt the King of Hungary. The Bela got his revenge. But he was also faster than the Emperor and rode to the castle where the young duchess was ensconced and he took her by force and married her to his son, Vladislav who was 19 years old, like her. The fighting and rough riding made the young prince ill and he suddenly died in her arms right after the wedding.

Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Australia

In these presentations, Germany dominates the area called "Middle Europe" as the country with the largest population. Great Britain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands are excluded. Denmark, Spain, Italy and Portugal also do not belong to "Middle Europe". Former Yugoslavia up to the Albanian frontier and thirteen other states in Eastern Europe do. According to the themes developed "areas historically ruled by the predominantly German speaking states" are the most "suitable" for inclusion in the "The cultural space (Kulturraum) of Middle Europe". The accompanying charts designate parts of France, Denmark, the whole of Luxemburg, Switzerland and upper Italy to the political fiction of a German dominated centre. Naturally, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are taken into the project. Various areas are claimed as part of "Middle Europe" because they were originally part of the German Reich, "quite separately" from their later conquest by the Nazis.

Out of this entire generation of Babenbergers, only the eldest son, Henry, had a child, a lovely girl. She never saw her father who died on the crusades. She was raised by her crazy uncle who found himself ruler of this troubled, difficult land while still a teenager. He doted on his niece and loved her and only her. He was instantly married off to yet another Byzantine princess. They never consumated their marriage and it was a very loud, messy divorce. Meanwhile, Gertrude's mother ran off with a Teutonic Knight (wild sex time here), Henry Raspe of Thuringia (he is briefly and bloodily, the Emperor).

The Pope, at war with the Emperor, was very distressed by this, he didn't want the Emperor to control the North/South passes in the Alps nor the East/West trade routes so he put out a letter accusing the Emperor of murdering his previous three wives. Of course, Henry VIII of England beat him in this bloody battle of the sexes. But the main thing is, an Archbishop was sent post haste to see Gertrude who had no idea of what was going on until this harried old man, red in the cheeks from his hurry, rushed up to her rooms in the tower. She is preparing her wardrobe for the coronation/wedding. The maids were sent from the room and as doves flew from the window sill and the scent of roses graced the room, the weeping Archbishop showed her the Pope's personal letter to her. She recoiled in fear as he told her step by step, how each empress begged for help, how they told their families how they were in prison, unable to go out of the harem. How they mysteriously died.

A Short History Of The Tragic Babenberger Dynasty Of Austria

That March, the Mongols entered Hungary and killed nearly everyone except for the King who fought them with tremendous bravery. The Queen and daughters flee to Austria but had to hand over all the crown jewels for protection. The Mongols had to chase poor Bela, king of Hungary, all over the Yugoslavian countryside while he successfully evading them. So they decided to attack Vienna and off they went to fight the deranged Streitbar in Austria. After just one foray into Austria which the wild Streitbar repelled successfully, they were suddenly called back to Mongolia because the succession of rule had to be decided with the death of Ogedei Khan. Of course, the Duke of Austria didn't know this, he imagined they gave up because of his wild, relentless fighting. This boosted his already out of control ego no end.

732 Charles Martel defeats the Muslims at the famous Battle of Tours. He immediately sets out to take over all of Central Europe all the way to Vienna. At this time, most of Germany was overrun by Teutonic tribes which worshipped Wotan. But thanks to Martel controlling the passes, Roman priests could penetrate into the wild forests in the north and by 755, St. Boniface managed to convert the key rulers of the German tribes but when he tried to change the Frisians who were pirates, he was killed, unsurprisingly, by them.

We saw a perfect tidalwave of blood shed during the 20th Century over the lines on the map of Europe, lines drawn long ago and disputed for centuries. To this day, Vienna is the hingepin of Europe. Radiating out of it are many paths, many roads, many historical forces. When we see events today, they are like plucking strings of this vast instrument of tremendous age. The pipeline disputes between Russia and Belarus cause resonating discords in Vienna and are transmitted beyond to Germany and France.

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Cutting off the financial lifeblood of companies dedicated to piracy and counterfeiting makes sense. bettors to gambling sites anywhere in the world.

The main problem with the bill is in its effort to render sites invisible as well as unprofitable. Once a court determines that a site is dedicated to infringing, the measure would require the companies that operate domain name servers to steer Internet users away from it. This misdirection, however, wouldn't stop people from going to the site, because it would still be accessible via its underlying numerical address or through overseas domain name servers.

Discount Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Spirit Australia

Its goals are laudable, but its details are problematic.

A group of leading Internet engineers has warned that the bill's attempt to hide piracy oriented sites could hurt some legitimate sites because of the way domain names can be shared or have unpredictable mutual dependencies. And by encouraging Web consumers to use foreign or underground servers, the measure could undermine efforts to create a more reliable and fraud resistant domain name system. These risks argue for Congress to take a more measured approach to the problem of overseas rogue sites.

The global nature of the Internet has spawned a profusion of websites in countries that can't or won't enforce intellectual property law. companies that direct traffic, Discount Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Spirit Australia process payments, serve advertisements and locate information online to end their support for the site in question.

A Senate bill's approach has problems

Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Black Melbourne

dry, dry, are the words on the lips of ranchers and farmers. Department of Agriculture. brother small child said, had no snow this winter. I can remember a time when we haven had snow on our farm. It pretty pathetic.

Nolan Doesken, climatologist for the state of Colorado, said the eastern part of Colorado has been dealing with dry conditions for a decade, with 2002 the worst.

The water in the Pacific Ocean is colder than average, and that affects the pattern of the jet stream, he explained.

Trees and shrubs: Watch soil moisture, especially if they still getting established. Check the moisture 3 or 4 inches down into the soil. If it dry, give it a slow, gentle soaking. Remember to disconnect the hose at night so pipes don freeze.

a makes presence felt

Crocuses may be bursting into bloom all over the Front Range, but not all the flora is happy about an early warm up.

January Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Black Melbourne tied as the 10th driest on record in Denver, with only 4.9 inches of snow, the city said; an all time record high temperature for the date was set Jan. 21 with 71 degrees.

flirt with drought (every year), and even an average year is barely enough to do what we are trying to do in terms of agricultural activities in the semi arid high plains, he said.

The warm, dry conditions prompted Denver to give up for the year on its free snow park, Ruby Hill.

is a tendency for eastern Colorado to be on the dry side and a little bit on the warm side, he said of La Ni years. I look at Denver over the past year, it has definitely been dry. So, this is a fairly long standing situation of dryness that we are looking at.

And don let those snowcapped mountains and reports of above normal snowpack fool you. Since December, the amount of snow in the mountains has been minimal, and the snowpack is declining.

He said the drought came creeping back in earnest in early 2008 and that by the end of July, most of eastern Colorado was in the depths of drought.

hard to complain about all this beautiful weather, except when you are hoping for cold and snow, said Kevin Patterson, manager of Denver Parks and Recreation, in a release announcing the Ruby Hill closure.

Denver Botanic Gardens horticulture director Sarada Krishnan has these tips:

calling for warm and dry conditions for the spring period, said Mike Gillespie, snow survey supervisor for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. doesn bode very well, given that right now, we are on the decline, a little above average, but we basically lost most of our surplus over the past several months. And we continue to do that.

He warned: April, we will be below average in snowpack and runoff.

Get used to the weather outlook. The National Weather Service has just issued its three month forecast for Colorado: warmer and drier conditions than normal over most of the state.

The dry forecast worrying farmers also concerns those who watch snowpack levels.

Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Black Melbourne

Canada Goose Men Melbourne

No one knows why eels have stopped visiting British rivers from their spawning grounds in the western Atlantic. Their journeys upriver are full of obstacles, such as weirs and dams, but many of these were there before. They are known to suffer from a parasitic worm that infests their swim bladders. But the most likely reason is changes in ocean currents triggered by climate change. Migrating eels are being fitted with satellite tags to find out.

A wing and a prayer

All right, 2007 was among the worst years ever for British butterflies. But after the dull, rain drenched summer things started to pick up in late August. And if you were walking on the downs, especially near the sea, you might have seen hundreds of these brilliant butterflies, coloured somewhere between lapis lazuli and the Mediterranean sky. To see even one Adonis Blue makes your day; to see them in large numbers is unforgettable.

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Many people find recordings of the haunting song of the humpback whale strangely therapeutic. Gatherings of this vast and friendly whale are favourite destinations for wildlife tourists, and bring in welcome income. Very much against world opinion, Japan has decided to resume hunting them. Last month, a Japanese whaling fleet set sail for South Pacific waters with instructions to kill up to 1,000 whales, including 50 humpbacks.

A dedicated effort was made to save them, and the solution was nest boxes. Designed to resemble a cavity in a hollow tree, the boxes are hung up on specially trimmed trees, with plastic sheeting stapled to the trunk to deter rats. And to make absolutely sure, rat poison is sprinkled on the ground below. There are now more than 300 Mauritius Parakeets and this year its status was changed from "critically endangered" to merely "endangered".

Not long ago it was billed as the world's rarest parrot (a title for which there is, unfortunately, stiff competition). It is the last survivor of a group of parrots inhabiting the Indian Ocean islands off Madagascar. 30 years ago it looked set to follow the others into oblivion: at one point there were only 10 ageing birds left. Introduced pigs devoured their favourite native fruits, and introduced rats ate their eggs. Not that the parrots had many places left to lay them in any case, since, thanks to clearances, the island was also running out of suitable old trees.

A recent survey carried out by the Vincent Wildlife Trust shows that polecats have reclaimed much of their former range in the English Midlands and south. Like the buzzard, it has benefited from a more relaxed attitude to predators. As well as fewer gamekeepers.

If so, the rejoicing may be premature. Numbers of mature cod are still only half of what they were in the 1960s. Some fear that raising the quotas will start a fishing bonanza that may wreck the progress made in the past 20 years. Still, in 2007 at least, cod is among the winners.

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Cod and chips is back on the menu. This week it is likely that quotas for North Sea cod will be lifted. For the first time in decades British fishermen are to be allowed to catch more cod. Stocks in the North Sea have shown a modest upturn, say fishery scientists, sufficient to sustain an increased fishery. European ministers will no doubt give themselves a pat on the back that our cod stocks have not followed those of Newfoundland into oblivion.

Japan is exploiting a loophole in the international rules for whaling, which allow countries to kill a whale or two for the purpose of scientific study. Since 1986, Japan has harpooned 7,656 minke whales, including 1,234 last year. It has also resumed hunting the officially endangered fin whale. The meat and other whale products are sold to consumers at market.

Some 12 per cent of the human race live within the catchment of the Yangtze. The river is a major highway, with many dams, and is in places badly polluted. The Three Gorges Dam, to supply China's growing energy needs, may have been the last straw. The Yangtze River dolphin is the first large mammal to be declared globally extinct for 50 years.

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Japan claims that humpback numbers are back to levels that can sustain hunting. This is disputed, since humpbacks live in close knit pods, and even one death can damage their social structure. Years ago, Peter Scott pointed out that whales are the easiest animal on the planet to save. All we need to do is stop hunting them. But that, it seems, is too much to ask.

What has caused this meteoric rise? The answer is probably the changing ways in which we feed our birds. A traditional bird table with scraps held little interest for this seed eating finch. That changed with the rise of sunflower heads, and, especially, those narrow, black niger seeds that are now available in every pet shop. These oil rich seeds are exactly the high energy food a busy goldfinch needs, especially in the winter.

Talk to a birder about lapwings and watch their eyes go moist. Not all that long ago it was an unusual farm that didn't have at least a couple of lapwings in the summer, and many more feeding on the stubble later on. But numbers are plummeting, especially in the lowlands. The RSPB believe it may soon be confined to nature reserves.

Many lynxes are casualties of Spain's increasingly busy roads, but the main reason for the precipitate decline is starvation. Iberian lynxes are dependent on rabbits for food. But Spain's once teeming rabbits have been reduced by disease: first myxomatosis, and now the VHD virus. Over large parts of Spain there are few, or no, rabbits left. Ultimately no rabbits means no lynxes. If it does die out, the Iberian lynx will be the first big cat to become globally extinct since the sabre toothed tiger.

A flock of tinkling, yellow flashing goldfinches has always been known as a charm: a charm of goldfinches. They are visiting our gardens in greater and greater numbers. This year the goldfinch overtook the starling as the 11th commonest garden bird. At this rate there will soon be more goldfinches than sparrows (there already are in my garden).

This strange looking animal is one of the oldest animals on earth, the last survivor of a family that split from other dolphins 20 million years ago. It hunts fish in one of the world's great rivers, the mighty Yangtze. But the last definite sighting of one was four years ago, and in 2007 it was declared extinct. This bad news may be premature. Last August a probable survivor was spotted and videotaped. But, say scientists, even if a few individuals are still out there, the species is "functionally extinct". The last Yangtze River dolphins are too old to breed.

When you watch this noisy, sociable bird at a gravel pit or in a park it's hard to imagine it as anything other than a honking, screaming success. Yet a century ago it was a seriously endangered bird. In its native North America, where everyone had a gun, it was almost shot out of existence.

It seems everything has gone wrong: land drainage, drought, loss of mixed farms, over grazing and all autumn sowing. With such a comprehensive range of problems, turning the situation round will not be easy.

What saved the Canada goose was conservation. What turned it into one of the most successful large birds on Canada Goose Men Melbourne earth is its tolerance to man. It likes our parks, lawns, golf courses and gravel pits. It likes the low numbers of predators in towns and even likes the bags of stale bread fed to it by urban goose fans. Pound for pound, this is the winner of winners.

For an animal that is rarely seen except as a squashed corpse on a country road, the polecat is doing remarkably well. Closely related to the ferret, but distinguished by an appropriately bandit like black marking across its eyes, the polecat is among our least known animals. In the past it was persecuted ruthlessly by gamekeepers, and if it had not had the uplands of Wales to hide out in, it would probably be extinct by now.

Where have all the eels gone? One of the staples of Cockney cuisine seems to have gone up in smoke. The slow rivers of eastern England, once a world stronghold for eels, have seen a 95% fall in eels since the 1970s. This is not only a misfortune for the eel, but also for rare species such as the otter and bittern which feed on it.

Being rare, pretty and a butterfly guarantees you a lot of attention. Nature reserves have helped, as have farm stewardship payments. Together they mean more land is managed in ways that suit this very fussy butterfly than in the recent past. But the Adonis Blue also seems to be benefiting from climate change, and moving into places where it has not been seen for decades.

It's enough to make a cat cry. Despite decades of legal protection, hundreds of studies, and millions of euros, this beautiful animal faces extinction in the wild. As recently as the 1980s, there were an estimated 1,000 lynxes in Spain and Portugal. Today there are just 100 left. Worse, there are only about 30 breeding females. Worse yet, their numbers are scattered, and only two small populations are viable.

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The victim, identified only as a Discount Men Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka Red Australia 45 year old Chesterfield man, was pronounced dead at the scene. The father apparently was not injured. They said both men were properly licensed to hunt the birds.And in Maine, wardens say that days before a 30 year old Mattawamkeag man shot himself in the arm and torso when he lost his footing along a riverbank, causing his rifle to discharge.Wardens say Aaron Burke was in serious condition after being shot Thursday morning. Wardens say he was hunting deer along the Mattawamkeag River when he slipped, causing his 30 30 rifle to discharge.Wardens say he managed to climb a riverbank and make his way out of the woods to call for help.Most watched News videos CCTV captures final tragic moments of Mirna Salihin life Mother shaves daughters hair after she cancer girl GRAPHIC CONTENT: rises from body after fatal crash Bulls head butt each other then die instantly from brutal blow Shocking moment girl gets viciously beaten after starting fight Mother releases devastating footage of son final moments Lorry smashes into car leaving driver with severe injuries Is this the creepy moment the corpse of a girl OPENS her eyes? fat gypsy wedding in Romania goes on for FOUR days Groom ALREADY tired of marriage life just after 15 minutes a G! Kim Kardashian speaks well of her bodyguard GoPro captures the moment a croc swims amongst swimmers

accidentally shoots himself dead in Pennsylvania woods

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Jim Nichols

A Better Way Of Spending Our Money Rather Than The Mayor's Defense Fund

Thankfully I know where to send donations to the recall groups. I'll split my $250 movie fee between them while they continue to try to remove Littlefield from office.

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Funny how his pet project the McKamey Animal Shelter is named after the guy who is throwing the fundraiser. Doesn't that project need more funds? Didn't they start as a no kill shelter and quickly found out that they don't have the funding to be a true no kill shelter (not that I even agree with the concept of a no kill shelter)?

I also want to let Ms. Fischbach know that she was on point and well said. We require your real first and last name and contact information. There is no word limit, but if your article is too long you may lose your reader. Please focus more on issues than personal attacks. (click for more)

This fundraiser is a great example of how favors are returned among political friends. Thank God I don't live in the city or I might actually be irritated by this ridiculous political staging. I currently just find it amusing.

Funny how Bob McKamey is wanting to put a fundraiser together for the worst mayor Chattanooga has ever seen, when his name is on the worst animal shelter around. The mayor does not deserve a fundraiser to bail him out of a situation that he got himself into with horrible decisions.

Not only do I hope the fundraiser flops, I can't wait to see who attends. The guest list will provide Chattanooga and the surrounding area a very good idea of who should be avoided, politically, in the future.

Roy Exum: Ever Seen An Overdose?

About 3:30 on Monday afternoon, a crowd began to gather on Crump Avenue, this in the shadow of the VA Hospital in Memphis. Cars stopped in the middle of the street and cell phones snapped pictures of a white man and woman, appearing to be middle aged, who were both in the throes of Discount Women Canada Goose Constable Parka Red Australia a heroin overdose. A video tape, raw and with graphic language, went viral and has now been seen by . (click for more)

All this makes me wonder how much Littlefield could have saved if he had accepted the recall and simply run again for the office. Then his campaign funds could have been used instead of his personal money. It looks like his ego wouldn't let him accept the recall. He was afraid he would not have been re elected, which is why he lawyered up in the first place. Now he wants citizens of the city to pay personal fees to help him keep his stranglehold on the city. Instead, I hope he gets little support at his movie night. He deserves to pay $50,000 in legal fees he has incurred as a sop to his sense of ego and entitlement.

I have an idea. Instead of contributiing to a fundraiser for the good mayor (tongue in cheek), why don't we put our money toward (1)helping families of fallen police officers who have been killed by criminals in our streets; (2) keeping criminals in jail who attack our police officers and get out on bond to do it again; (3) taking care of the gang problem (oops, I forgot, we don't have one in Chattanooga according to the good mayor); (4) fixing our roads so people who are paying taxes to have good roads are not hitting potholes, etc. This is because his election campaign funds can't be used to pay these legal fees. Now he wants his rich cronies to help bail him out with a large donation to see a short movie at Bob McKamey's house in Council Fire. (You know, McKamey as in the McKamey Animal Center the pet project of Littlefield that can't seem to run under budget.)