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This website is not affiliated with any of these bodies or organisations, though it aims at creating awareness to the infected victims and gives them the hope of better lives and Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Berry Melbourne living as long as an uninfected individuals. The apps are made available in various primary health care centres in Kenya just for a test run and research purposes. This website is part of the academic assessment forInternational eHealth(YCHI 5080M) and aims to meet the following requirements:

A focus on educating and creating awareness for people living with HIV

This website is set up to empower and create awareness for the Kenyan communities and the people living with HIV/AIDS STDS, about how mobile phone technology can be used to manage the treatment of these viruses. It is important to know that contacting these diseases is not the end of the World, but taking the treatment serious and not spreading the virus is very paramount to humanity. This technology is very exciting and interesting because it makes the carriers of HIV/AIDS STDS to have a sense of belonging and the level of stigmatisation will be reduce to barest minimal. This application is being piloted by various individuals and organisations with the interest of making infected carriers adhere to antiretroviral treatment (ART) administered to them. On this site, numbers of mobile phone apps will be showcased.