Talking with my son, who is 28, I mentioned I had been keyboarding data into a program I was working on. I haven heard that term in years! he exclaimed. Calling them to the desk, an employee said, name, please, and the kids responded, Capone. that funny, she said to them. Bulger was here just yesterday. She was standing by her car, dismayed and without a cellphone, when a gentleman appeared. Using his cellphone, he called AAA. Soon after, another Buy Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Black Australia gentleman came along and talked with my mother while she waited. Upon leaving, he kissed her cheek. A good man is hard to find, but two good men are even better!

Mary Leach/ Cambridge and Billerica

It was a raw, rainy day, and I was slogging my way toward the crosswalk that would take me across Memorial Drive by the Longfellow Bridge near the end of a particularly wet run. A few yards ahead, in the crosswalk, I spied a Canada goose limping his way on a sore webbed foot toward another goose that was safely on the other side. The goose was halfway across when a taxi came into the picture. Before I could catch my breath, a fellow runner, wearing a neon yellow jacket, streaked past me, signaling to the cab to stop. The taxi came to a halt, the runner stood guard in the center of the road with arm outstretched, and the injured goose crossed safely. It was a good day for ducks and for one Canada goose!

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A runner springs to the aid of an injured goose