a goose from Greenland may signal the advance of global warming

Resident David Swain spotted the big goose in a gaggle of of his close friends at Nine Acre Corner in Concord.Swain could easily see a large yellow band on the bird, and could read in black letters through his spotting scope. He was curious about the bird origins, and reported the sighting to the Patuxent Bird Banding Laboratory in Maryland on Dec. 15.Not long after that, a researcher from Denmark contacted Swain and identified the goose as one of 42 that were banded in 2008 for research in Greenland on the decline of the white fronted goose population.Geese that were banded in Greenland have also been sighted at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, in South Egremont and in Sheffield.That a goose flew almost 2,000 miles, much of it across the Gulf of Labrador, is nothing new. Heusmann, a wildlife biologist at the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.With a gradual warming of the climate, Heusmann said, geese are not wintering as far south.is ahead of the curve when it comes to global warming, he said.Wayne R. Petersen, director of the Massachusetts Important Bird Areas Program for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, said that in the past birds from Greenland did not migrate to North America. They migrated exclusively to Europe. The Concord goose represents a new migration route.change in migration pathways may be an indication of climate change, Petersen said. Concord goose gives us a heads up on the comings and goings of other rare birds. These geese are possibly also modifying their migration, Petersen said. Sightings of birds rarely spotted in Massachusetts might not be so unusual in coming years.Canada geese first showed up in Greenland in the 1980s and are believed to be a contributor to the decline of the rare Greenland white fronted goose. The number of white fronted geese has dipped dramatically, while the Canada goose population has exploded in Greenland, as it did in Massachusetts.David A. Stroud, an ornithologist with the United Kingdom Joint Nature Conservation Committee, said in an e mail that shifting weather patterns that bring more snow in April, and the growth of the Canada goose population in Greenland have hurt the white fronted goose.only are their essential feeding areas covered in deep snow when Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Navy Melbourne they arrive, but if they can find feeding they now have to compete with the larger bodied, more aggressive Canada geese that are now sharing the landscape, said Stroud.Prior to the 1980s, Canada geese were not a factor in Greenland, said Petersen.did not colonize there for one reason. Conditions were just not suitable, he said. Concord goose, this is a bird we know is coming and going to Greenland. The Canada goose never did that. The climate may be just warm enough to just possibly allow it.The year round population of Canada geese in the state is estimated at 40,000. Heusmann said there could be as many as 800 grazing in Concord at one time. The Greenland goose likely landed in Massachusetts in a stop approach, after seeing the resident geese.The resident population descended from geese that were imported to Massachusetts from the Midwest and bred in captivity to be used as decoys for hunting a century ago. When the practice was outlawed in 1935, many hunt clubs released their flocks into the wild. By then, the birds had lost their migratory instinct and never left the state, said Petersen.By the mid 1960s, the geese had spread across the state and reached nuisance levels.Heusmann said the majority of migratory geese, estimated at a worldwide population of 400,000, pass over Massachusetts, but some take up winter residence here. While geese bond with their mates, Heusmann said, there is no evidence that migratory geese mate with residents.no evidence of the ganders pairing, he said. no data that supports pair bonds. There no single case of a goose banded in Quebec nesting down here. Heusmann said a pair were sighted on a pond at Fort Devens and within seven years their offspring had grown into a flock of 180 birds.While the Canada goose is not a threat to native species, Heusmann said, the droppings they leave on lawns, golf courses, and waterfront areas are a nuisance for many area residents.too many geese everyplace, they so successful and so prolific, said Heusmann. are no biological problems with these birds. They are not a problem to the natural environment. They are a problem to the human environment.

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