After hearing the of a gaggle of Canada geese adults and goslings herded together by City of Barrie contractors, Roy Feick said he saw pools of blood and feathers on a public walkway.

heard these geese, like, a screaming not their normal honking. Like they were being hurt. It was a scary sound, he said.

A large patch of matted down goose feces, feathers and darker, red splotches still covered a section of pathway near the waterfront days after the Tuesday night herding.

When he went back to investigate the next morning, saw 1 inches, maybe two inches, of geese manure and gobs of four inches in diameter of blood and lots of geese feathers, he said.

contractor) tries to get them to relocate down the bay because we don want them to hang out at the waterfront. He did it at night because he didn want to scare them too much.

was no killing of any geese or harming of any geese whatsoever. The reports that we put them in the pen and slaughtered them is absolutely false, Friary said.

was no culling going on whatsoever. We don have a permit for culling. There was absolutely no injury to any animal, he said.

Michael von Kaitz, who owns Wildlife Management Group Inc. that was hired by the city, said workers were rounding up a group of adult geese and goslings on Tuesday, but only to count them and record the numbers from tags placed around their legs. The numbers reveal where the birds are from.

Feick said one of the workers told him they were doing a count, but when he got about 100 metres away, he heard loud cries.

About 70 to 80 new Canada geese suddenly showed up last weekend, he said.

Von Kaitz said Tuesday night they set up properly and we didn get many numbers, but the birds still left behind a big mess.

seen no evidence of killing, blood, any injury, he said. (contractors) can really push them or touch them very much. They actually not physically touched.

The company was hired through a pilot project for the past two years and is now in the first year of a three year contract with the city.

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you park 80 geese in a small area, they going to poop constantly and it going to pack down, he said, noting it can look like liquid if they have eaten bread.

did these birds come from? We would seen them in any of the controlled areas. It my professional opinion that someone Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Brown Australia Shop dropped them off there, he said.

They do not cull Canada geese, rather use a variety of other techniques, such as dogs, egg oiling, lasers, letting grass grow longer so it tastes bitter, and scaring the birds with Sea Doos, he said.

´╗┐Accusation of Barrie goose cull unfounded

Ryan van Schubert, a Barrie marina attendant, said agitated Canada geese hiss and make a similar call but higher pitched.

But Dave Friary, Barrie roads, parks and fleet director, and the owner of the company the city hired to scare the birds away from the lakeshore said no slaughter ever took place.