know when I need to work. Today laws have tied my hands so I work and pick up the pieces instead of catching the violators. Truth is, if you want to pay me for every hour I needed, you can afford me. But I didn take the job for money. I took it because I have dedication and perserverance and I hope I can make a difference. What I need from you is, first, that you care; second, that you support me and back my convictions when the politicians decide they want to crush me for personal gain or take away my 100 year old heritage; and, third, that you allow me to work as needed.

don let the politicians flush our heritage down the drain over a percentage point of the budget. We deserve better. We sacrifice our families, our health, and our lives. We need your support. you have the words of a game warden who, day after day, night after night, encounters the disregard for the law that is depleting our fish and wildlife resources; and who, obviously, is disheartened by the politics that are decimating the Maine Warden Service. Fish and Wildlife Service signs marking the boundaries of the Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Milford. Men Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka Grey Outlet Australia Perhaps you seen the signs, depicting a Canada goose, that designate the area.

I sure Warden Guay thoughts express the frustrations of his fellow wardens as well as those of responsible sportsmen. Therefore, I am relaying his message with the hope that it will shed some light on what has become a dismal and disturbing situation:

is greed right hand It also is contagious and makes the warriors confident that they can be caught. What do I want? Your support. All I ask is that you care enough to call in violations. Support me when politicians use me as a spring board for their personal gain; they twist my laws and attempt to discredit my actions in an effort to give some constituent leniency. Support me by fighting the federal laws that have crushed my effectiveness by not allowing me to work the hours I need. Poachers don keep a time card and neither should I.

A dedicated game warden issues a plea to sportsmen

the war moves to someone back field or yard. The defenseless victims fall one by one. Apathy wins again. Tired, frustrated, and discouraged, I work the night in the hope that I can make a difference. My goal is simple: protect, preserve and serve the people of Maine. The scope of my work reaches far beyond just the preservation of today (fish and wildlife) resources, but keeping it in trust for future generations.

you were asleep last night, a war was being waged on your front lawn. There were many casualties as the war was being fought against an unarmed foe whose voiceless cries were heard only by a few. The bodies of the victims were quietly loaded and hauled away. You probably heard the shot, but it was late and calling a game warden is such a bother. Besides, who wants to get involved?

The updated agenda will include: 1. General discussion regarding budget issues; 2. Technical Advisory Committee recommendation with regard to angling relations and discussion of possible need for revisions to existing angling regulations; 3. Anticipated conversion of Craig Brook Hatchery to a broodstock fry production facility; 4. Technical Advisory Committee recommendation for river specific brood stocks; 5. Presentation by Robert Fernald to the commission relative to a proposed project; 6. Frequency of commission meetings; 7. Miscellaneous.

Men Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka Grey Outlet Australia

You can rest assured, however, that the refuge is open to hunting in accordance with regular federal and state hunting regulations. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1033 South Main Street, Old Town 04468. Phone: 827 6138. Cast: Ed Baum, program coordinator of Maine Atlantic Sea Run Salmon Commission, called just as I was about to put in a reminder of the commission public meeting that was scheduled for tonight in Hallowell. Ed informed me that the meeting has been rescheduled for Jan. of Marine Resources Office in Hallowell.

was never more proud than the day I took the oath that I will wage unceasing war on fish and game violators. Little did I know how large a war I was getting into. The magnitude of the war would take me to the very heart of man soul. My true nemesis is greed When it comes to fish and game, people who would never steal or intentionally violate the law just can resist that extra trout or the extra deer. After all, it can be justified to make up for other unsuccessful trips. And besides, who it going to hurt?

Midweek Mail: Recently, I received a letter from Mrs. Jolyne Guay of Greenville. Enclosed with Mrs. Guay letter was an essay written by her husband, Game Warden Roger Guay. It dealt with the apathy and political pandering that is handcuffing one of the state oldest and most respected law enforcement agencies, the Maine Warden Service.