It is great for the country side though if you and if you are a chill out type of person. For city dwellers Canada Goose offers more slimmer, non fur hood options that are just as popular as the Banff Parka.

Is the Banff Parka a good winter jacket?The Banff Parka is a great jacket. It may be too warm and restrictive for city dwellers, but that depends on which city we are talking about. It is neither completely made for outdoors. I would say this is a jacket for lay back people that wont move around so much around the city and want to look very formal, with a scarf.

A great outdoor parka would be either the Constable (which is also an urban style) or the Expedition Parka.

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A better choice for the city would be the Burnett Parka.

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Warmth Perfect for outdoors, But too hot for indoorsFor starters, this is an extreme weather parka right for temperatures down to 25, so you buy it knowing it will be only used in really cold locations. The thing is that in a city you are almost never completely outdoors. You are in the car, the bus, the office, inside the house or in the market. The extra activity plus the warmth in all of those places make the Banff an extra warm jacket for Men Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka Black Australia the city.

A Complete Review of the Banff Parka

Men Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka Black Australia

Check out Andrew Garfield, from the "Amazing Spiderman" movie wearing a Banff Parka on the set of the second part of the movie. This is New york, February 2013.

The parka is also a bit heavy. Something completely normal taking into account this is an extreme weather jacket filled with white duck down.

Tight and slightly heavyThis is a slim fit parka, which means things are going to get tight in there. A little restrictive if you were expecting to flap your arms around like a bird, but this can be solved by getting one size larger than your usual parka size, which you should strongly consider.

On when you step outside, off when you step inside.

Canada Goose Arctic Collection Review Extreme Winter Protection

Style Buttons are a burden hereCanada Goose is very clear about it, this is a stylish jacket for extreme cold weather. You wear the Banff to look formal instead of something like the Mantra where the looks dont matter. The issue comes with the buttons.

This is something you dont think about in the store, you buy it, and once you are out there you might be too late to return it.

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Unbuttoning every time you move through different environments is annoying. And that goes for the pockets as well. Some have suggested leaving the parka unbuttoned, but then the organized look it you liked it for goes away.

The Banff Parka comes with buttons along the storm flap and on the side pockets. They look great. In fact, they are what make the Banff such a stylish parka. But when it comes to practicality buttons can be very annoying. You got a warm parka which probably is going on and off several times a day.