Jim Nichols

A Better Way Of Spending Our Money Rather Than The Mayor's Defense Fund

Thankfully I know where to send donations to the recall groups. I'll split my $250 movie fee between them while they continue to try to remove Littlefield from office.

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Funny how his pet project the McKamey Animal Shelter is named after the guy who is throwing the fundraiser. Doesn't that project need more funds? Didn't they start as a no kill shelter and quickly found out that they don't have the funding to be a true no kill shelter (not that I even agree with the concept of a no kill shelter)?

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This fundraiser is a great example of how favors are returned among political friends. Thank God I don't live in the city or I might actually be irritated by this ridiculous political staging. I currently just find it amusing.

Funny how Bob McKamey is wanting to put a fundraiser together for the worst mayor Chattanooga has ever seen, when his name is on the worst animal shelter around. The mayor does not deserve a fundraiser to bail him out of a situation that he got himself into with horrible decisions.

Not only do I hope the fundraiser flops, I can't wait to see who attends. The guest list will provide Chattanooga and the surrounding area a very good idea of who should be avoided, politically, in the future.

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All this makes me wonder how much Littlefield could have saved if he had accepted the recall and simply run again for the office. Then his campaign funds could have been used instead of his personal money. It looks like his ego wouldn't let him accept the recall. He was afraid he would not have been re elected, which is why he lawyered up in the first place. Now he wants citizens of the city to pay personal fees to help him keep his stranglehold on the city. Instead, I hope he gets little support at his movie night. He deserves to pay $50,000 in legal fees he has incurred as a sop to his sense of ego and entitlement.

I have an idea. Instead of contributiing to a fundraiser for the good mayor (tongue in cheek), why don't we put our money toward (1)helping families of fallen police officers who have been killed by criminals in our streets; (2) keeping criminals in jail who attack our police officers and get out on bond to do it again; (3) taking care of the gang problem (oops, I forgot, we don't have one in Chattanooga according to the good mayor); (4) fixing our roads so people who are paying taxes to have good roads are not hitting potholes, etc. This is because his election campaign funds can't be used to pay these legal fees. Now he wants his rich cronies to help bail him out with a large donation to see a short movie at Bob McKamey's house in Council Fire. (You know, McKamey as in the McKamey Animal Center the pet project of Littlefield that can't seem to run under budget.)