"I've been able to function better physically. I'm able to get up, get going. There was a time period where I spent a lot of time on the couch, in the bed with migraines. (Now,) I'm physically and mentally stronger. It's really helped me turn around from (the mindset of) I'm injured, I can't do anything. It made a positive out of a negative. That's a big step for someone who wants to keep a positive."

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"The 21,498 acre refuge is probably best known for its reputation as a haven for waterfowl and the abundance of birds that stop there on their way south each fall. Hundreds of hunters head for Brown County and the refuge in search of snow or Canada geese or ducks. One of the high spots of any waterfowl hunter's trip to the refuge is bagging a giant Canada goose.

"Sand Lake is much more than a place to hunt each fall . it is a shining example of the beauty and diversity found in the Prairie Pothole Region of northeastern South Dakota."

"Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge in the Columbia Hecla Houghton area is getting national and international attention. The refuge was recently designated as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention; an honor and designation that is well deserved. The closest wetlands to achieve such a designation are found in Wisconsin and Kansas.

All this recent nice weather and talk of incoming geese has taken us back to our editorial on Sept. 11, 1998:

Aberdeen, an Army veteran who is legally blind and recently competed in the Army Trials 2016

Artistic and managing director of Aberdeen Community Theatre, on the recent resignation of three staff members

"I can sell you a lamb chop or I can sell you anything in between, all the way up to a sweater."

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"It's really hard. It's probably Canada Goose Cheap Citadel Parka Australia because they always become family. You see these people every day. That's literal. I can tell you unequivocally that I have seen more of my staff than anyone I have ever lived with. It's always tough to lose family."