Her story haunts Hoshowsky the most, from her sweet innocence to the "collateral damage.

"Whoever killed Men Canada Goose Yukon Bomber Black Australia Sale them may still be alive and could still be prosecuted," Hoshowsky, 46, said in an interview.

Raped, strangled, then stuffed inside a fridge at the roominghouse of still missing Dennis Melvyn Howe, police keep her cold case open even the fridge preserved for a trial they fear may never occur.

"DNA testing didn't exist when some were killed," but yielded new clues in several cases, he said. "In others, samples no longer exist or were never collected the way they are now."

"Nothing gets people so upset as the murder of a child."

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In two cases, an expert's work gave names to skulls kept for decades, after relatives recognized his clay reconstructions.

Instead of using clippings, Hoshowsky interviewed people linked to the silent bodies or the vanished, whose whereabouts and fates remain unknown.

Sharin' Morningstar Keenan was only nine when a man snatched the Toronto youngster from a park near her Annex area home just over 27 years ago.

One was Glen Davis, a multi millionaire philanthropist he met as a 12 year old Sun carrier the year Sharin' vanished.

By retelling stories, whatever conscience exists in a stone cold heart may be shaken loose in their waning years, he hopes. Or perhaps someone no longer fears an aging relative or acquaintance and "will do the right thing," a common police appeal.

In addition to her parent's pain, the weight of investigating another children's murder drove one detective to quit Toronto's force and his partner to suicide.

A chilling catalogue of cold cases

He talked with relatives, friends, detectives, retired homicide hunters, lawyers, private detectives, TV producers, victim advocates and forensics experts.

Encouraged by a Dundurn Press editor after his first book in 2007, about Canada's last two executions, in Toronto, Hoshowsky eliminated cases police say were solved during his research.

Sharin's smiling face, those of three other children, a young woman plus a man's skull stare from the cover of a new book that updates more than a dozen GTA mysteries. Hoshowsky said in an interview.