This year, what were once experimental and goose seasons that took special aim at locally hatched birds have been rolled into one three month plus, braided season.

Predators are few in those urban and suburban areas. survival rates are high, and unfortunately, a lot of those areas are closed to hunters.

In some areas, landowners or agencies under DNR permit hire contractors to trap geese a record 8,600 this year and release them elsewhere.

September, which had long offered at most 15 days afield, is now open from Sept. 1 30 in the Upper Peninsula and the northern Lower Peninsula, and through Sept. 25 in southern Lower Michigan. (The boundary between the Middle and South zones runs east and west through Midland County.)

Where goose hunting is allowed, access can shrink when deer seasons open and landowners, their families and lessees focus on whitetails.

´╗┐abundant flocks contribute to generous Canada goose hunting season

Barb Avers attended a meeting in the Midland area a week or so ago and she couldn help noticing: got a lot of geese up there. is the Lansing based waterfowl and wetlands specialist for the DNR Wildlife Division, and Midland flocks are among reasons for the generous Canada goose hunting season and bag limits she was explaining.

Avers called goose hunting rules as liberal as we can get. A federal treaty sets a 107 day maximum for all waterfowling. where we are now for Canada geese. it to productive Michigan resident geese, plus a flyway level shift in the way officials look at them. of trying to regulate different populations, Mississippi Flyway, Southern James Bay, (resident) geese, long the basis for seasons and bag limits aiming to harvest plenty of local Women Canada Goose Snow Mantra Berry Melbourne geese while limiting harvests of migrants, taking a more holistic approach to Canada goose management, Avers said.

Bag limits are generous: In September, the daily limit is five geese, statewide. Afterwards, hunters can take three Canada geese a day.

Women Canada Goose Snow Mantra Berry Melbourne

(Those changes came late: as recently as July, a DNR issued online Hunting Season Calendar showed the previous shorter, Season format.)

big piece of that is giant Canada geese, Avers said. (flyway) population estimate is steady or increasing, and in Michigan it increasing, with spring population estimates topping 300,000, our goal range again. so many? Avers said geese thrive amid grassy fields and ponds golf courses, condo associations, malls and corporate settings, including many in the Midland area. amount of habitat we have like that is incredible, said Avers.

Across a half century or so, the Canada goose has shifted from a just passing through ambassador of autumn, to an abundant, nearly year round resident that besides causing messy hassles for landowners and park users provides plenty of hunting opportunities.

About 30,000 to 35,000 Michigan hunters seek geese each year, Avers said, a subset of 55,000 to 60,000 waterfowl hunters. They shoot about 140,000 to 150,000 geese per year.