While the wildlife rescue center volunteers regularly check up on the nests, the mall security guards constantly monitor the well being of the geese, said Discount Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Black Australia Melnick.

Elizabeth Melnick, who runs the wildlife rescue centre, said Monday the bird continued to care for her eggs despite her injuries, and Sunday afternoon yielded a happy ending.

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Some of the four eggs in the nest hatched, and the mall security team escorted the goose, her mate and their goslings by foot through traffic to Mill Lake, said Melnick.

A preliminary viewing of the tape by the mall security reportedly showed one youth hitting the goose with a long object while two or three others threw things at the creature who wouldn abandon her nest, said MacDonald.

The geese make up one of about seven nesting pairs that return each year to the parkade.

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A security guard at the Sevenoaks Shopping Centre discovered the Canada goose covered in blood but still sitting on her eggs in the parkade on April 27, said MacDonald.

The guard immediately called Elizabeth Wildlife Rescue Center and its members arrived shortly after to evaluate the animal.