The record for painted tin also was set at the Walters sale when $5,500 was paid for a 6 by 9 inch, red painted tray decorated with stylized leaves and flowers. At that same sale, a yarn sewn rug dated 1824 sold for $25,300, a record for a hooked rug.

The decoy record was broken four times in 1986. It now stands at $319,000, which was paid July 5 at a sale in Kennebunkport, Maine, for a preening pintail drake, carved by A. Elmer Crowell of East Harwich, Mass., circa 1915. That broke the record set in May, when $205,000 was paid at Richard Bourne's in Hyannis, Mass., for a wooden duck carved by Joe Lincoln (1858 1938).

The record for Shaker furniture was set Aug. 26 at Wayne Mayo's auction in East Sullivan, Maine, when $42,900 was paid for a 12 foot trestle table. It topped the $41,800 paid for a 21 foot community table sold at Robert Skinner's auction house in Bolton, Mass., in 1985.

Nicholson also set the record for an un upholstered chair by paying $528,000 for a 17th century Massachusetts wainscot chair. He bought it at Sotheby's on the same day that he bought the easy chair and the record chest of drawers. He paid $660,000 for the chest of drawers, a serpentine front, bombe mahogany chest made in Boston in 1765.

The wooden duck had topped the record set in April at a sale in St. Charles, Ill., when a hissing Canada goose brought $90,200. The price for the goose topped the $70,400 paid just a week earlier at William Doyle in New York for a preening black duck by Crowell.

In the field of American folk Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Rice Outlet Australia art, records were set for painted furniture, folk sculpture, a decoy, a weather vane, painted tin, needlework, a hooked rug and stoneware.

The record highboy, a mahogany bonnet top highboy labeled by colonial Philadelphia furniture maker William Savery, sold at Sotheby's in October to Philadelphia collector Richard Dietrich for $418,000. The record lowboy, bought for $160,500 at Sotheby's in June, is a figured maple, three drawer pad footed dressing table made in Stonington, Conn. It was sold to an unidentified phone bidder.

American furniture saw records in a number of forms and styles, dating from the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century. There were records for a chair, sofa, table, chest, highboy, lowboy, Shaker furniture and aesthetic movement furniture made by Herter Bros.

Last year produced notable auction records for furniture, paintings, sculpture, pottery, glass, antiquities, tribal art, photography, autographs and collectibles. Records were set in nearly every field of collection, but there were more records set for Americana than in any previous year.

from the same collector.

In this age of the specialist collector, the art and antiques markets have built up momentum, driven by a few wealthy people who enjoy spending their money on things that improve the quality of their surroundings. The pieces also deepen the collections of major museums, where much of it is destined. Although they say they do not expect their purchases to lose value, they maintain that their reason for buying is not investment.

At Christie's, Nicholson paid $605,000 for a Philadelphia mixing table, a record for a marble top table. At that same sale in October, the record Chippendale sofa, also made in colonial Philadelphia, was sold for $605,000 to New York collectors Richard and Gloria Manney.

In fact, the record for American furniture was broken twice, first in January at Christie's auction house, when New Hampshire collector Eddy Nicholson paid $1,045,000 for a Philadelphia pie crust tea table (circa 1770), and again in October at Sotheby's, when Nicholson paid $1.1 million for a Philadelphia easy chair made about the same time. (The all time record for furniture was set six days after Nicholson bought the chair, when a French Louis XVI Sevres mounted secretaire sold for $2.09 million.)

The record for American painted furniture stands at $203,500, paid by an unidentified collector for a painted, tall case clock made in 1801 by Johannes Spitler in Massanutten, a town in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

The stoneware record set at the Walters sale for a jug decorated with acrobats didn't last a week. It was overturned at Skinner's on Nov. 1, when a butter churn, decorated with a cobalt blue cock, sold to a phone bidder for $31,900.

A Record Year At Auctions

Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Rice Outlet Australia

The record piece of aesthetic movement furniture was a brass inlaid rosewood side cabinet made in New York in the 1880s by Herter Bros. It sold for $45,100. The most expensive piece of 20th century furniture, a tall, spindleback dining chair one of six made for the Ward W. Willits House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1909 was bought for $198,000 at Sotheby's in December by Thomas Monaghan, founder and president of Domino's Pizza. The chair is also a record for any Frank Lloyd Wright design.

The clock was a star of the Don and Faye Walters sale at Sotheby's in October, which also produced a record for folk sculpture when Dapper Dan, a painted wood trade sign from a barber shop in Philadelphia, brought $258,000