Midge takes a quick dip in the lake to cool off, then hops in the back of Rapsys' truck for a brief nap before their next stop.

"For properties that just have migratory geese, we can just go in the fall," explains Rapsys. "But if there are resident geese there, we go year round."

The latter was especially troublesome because the male goose was defending the nest of five eggs by attacking the homeowner and his family when they went in and out of their front door. And, the male was damaging the glass front door by pecking at his reflection, which he considered another male goose. Not to mention the goose poop that covered the front stoop and brick driveway.

A case for the Geese Police

"I can't promise you you'll never see another goose on your property," Rapsys tells clients. "But I can reduce the number from 500 to just a few."

Steamers, scarecrows, helium balloons and firecrackers are temporary fixes, says Rapsys. The only way to get them to move permanently is to employ dogs that are trained to crouch down and stalk the geese, as do Rapsys' border collies, and threaten the geese enough for them to move.

"If a goose has a successful nest, she will imprint, or return to that same, exact spot to nest next year. If the eggs don't hatch, she'll nest somewhere else next time."

The goose's natural predators are coyotes, which attack the adult geese, and raccoons and owls, which eat goslings and eggs. "But, they're outnumbered," says Rapsys of the predators.

The same amenities that sell homes attract geese. Problem is, most suburbanites don't want to live with the geese. They eat plantings, especially along pond shores, which causes erosion. They attack people who come too close to their nests. In June, they litter areas with feathers when they molt.

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Nearly extinct by the 1950s, the Canada goose's revival is one of the greatest success stories of wildlife management, notes Domazlicyk. Federal and state laws ban the killing of Canada geese, except during hunting season, by license, where permitted. This doesn't include suburban lawns, which the Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Brown Australia Sale geese seem to have figured out.

The Chicago area's geese population includes several subspecies of the Canada goose, explains Roy Domazlicyk of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. True Canada geese migrate here in the fall, and if it's warm enough, stay for the winter. In addition, Illinois is home to about 84,000 resident geese that live here year round.

Rapsys' clients also include dozens of corporate campuses, all with the requisite water landscaping.

Depending on the size of the property and the danger to the dogs (such as nearby busy highways), Rapsys charges from $500 to $3,500 a month. Most clients sign seasonal or annual contracts.

Rapsys says he's amazed at the places he finds nests. A quick tour through the western suburbs on an April morning revealed nests on a parking garage roof, in a parking lot divider, on an awning, on a pond shoreline and in a planter in the middle of an Oak Brook resident's driveway.

When the geese nest in the spring, Rapsys searches for their nests, often buried in grass. He has permits from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to remove the eggs or render them unable to hatch.

When he visits large lakes or works when it's dark, Rapsys often brings a kayak so he can paddle into the lake and keep an eye on the dogs.

"Today, new home developments have aerated ponds that don't freeze, sometimes with islands, and grassy areas or golf courses perfect for geese," says Rapsys (rhymes with "lapses").

It was Rapsys' wife's cousin who suggested he take up this profession. He was working for his father's freight forwarding company, while entering Frisbee competitions with his first border collie, Mickey, on weekends.

"Usually, I'll leave them in the nest and coat them with oil or shake them so they won't hatch," he says. "If they pose an immediate threat to people because the adult geese are attacking to protect the nest, I can remove the eggs. But, then, the mother may lay more.

But what bugs Rapsys' clients the most is the goose droppings. The average adult goose produces 1 1/2 pounds of poop a day, he says.

Seven days a week, Rapsys and his staff of three full time and three part time people, each with trained dogs, visit his clients' properties. They visit each site several times a day until the geese get the message.

Midge is one of Rapsys' assistants, without whom he says he couldn't run his Naperville based company, Geese Police. Homeowner associations and condominium and apartment complex owners hire him and his K 9 crew to rid their properties of geese.