The location was too dangerous to leave them there, so the ducklings were taken to the shelter and put in an Canada Goose Cheap Resolute Parka Australia incubator.

The 2 week old goslings were stranded Sunday at Baker Beach in San Francisco when a Labradoodle got too close and scared away the mother, Delucchi said. Someone at the beach brought the goslings to the center.

Twenty baby birds abandoned by their mothers over the weekend have found a temporary home at the Peninsula Humane Society's wildlife center.

Ten Mallard ducklings and 10 Canada goslings are recovering at the center and will stay there for at least a month before they are released into the wild, said spokesman Scott Delucchi, a spokesman for the shelter.

The humane society opened its wildlife center last fall and has cared for a few baby birds and baby squirrels, but the two orphaned broods are the center's first big addition of the spring.

Canada Goose Cheap Resolute Parka Australia

Canada Goose Cheap Resolute Parka Australia

´╗┐Abandoned ducklings and goslings recovering on Peninsula

The week old ducklings were rescued Saturday after they fell into a storm drain near the Bank of America on El Camino Real in San Mateo, Delucchi said. The ducklings and their mother were out for a walk when the little ones fell in and became stuck.

When a animal rescue officer arrived, the mother got spooked and left, Delucchi said. The officer rescued the ducklings by taking off the drain and lifting them out gently. The officer waited with the ducklings for an hour to see if the mother would return, but she didn't.