Please know that we will continue to call upon our friends and collect items of use for Daniela and the children. We'll watch the blog Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Brown Australia Sale for other suggestions. This is a great time and opportunity to respond to our new president's request to go out to our communities and HELP. Thank you so much for your call to service.

Thank you once again for any and all support that you have given in these past days. You really made a difference in the lives of 4 very special people.

It been nearly a week since Daniela and her family moved into our home temporarily. With 4 additional souls joining our family, the home has become a beehive of activity here. Today, Brandon celebrated his seventh birthday and it seems to have lifted his spirits. We received a care package from Jamie which included a portable Nintendo video game (red). This was Brandon one gift for the day, though we all know the real gift came from all of you in the overwhelming show of support you chose to show for this family.

This is the first post on this VERY new blog. I will continue to work on it providing additional sections and using this to manage any and all updates to our situation. We know there is more to come including finding more work for Daniela and also figuring out a way to give something back somehow. All in good time. In the meantime, feel free to subscribe or bookmark this blog for the place to recieve updates.

It is said that the gift is in the giving and I can't tell you how thankful I felt in being able to go through my closet looking for items that I could enjoy sharing with someone I cared about. It was more like helping a sister than a stranger because I had a face and a real cause to contribute to. Giving things away for which one has no use is not as charged as knowing that one is helping someone in fact. It made it easy for me to open my closet as well as my heart. I look forward to more experiences like this is the future.

A Birthday For Brandon

We'll look forward to the photographs. We would love to be involved in creating a force for good using twitter and blogging and web platforms as the communication center.

Thank you for responding so quickly to my email. Steve and I are so proud to be part of such a generous network of people coming together to help one another. Which is to say:

Daniela has been looking at apartments and we should hear more within the next day or so. We are focusing our efforts on something that is both appropriate and affordable which can be a real challenge in this part of Chicago suburbs. We hopeful we will find something that can keep Daniela and her family close to the connections and relatives she has here.

In the meantime Evelyn, little Daniela and Brandon (from left to right) are doing well and getting along with Max and Mason. OK, the occasional fight over who sleeps in the tent and who plays the Nintendo Wii does break out. I won lie to you, but our little extended family is doing well.

Daniela's need and your focus and spirit filled call to action are a wonderful gift to us all. We can't fill a need if we don't know about it, and you made it possible for many to contribute their love and support. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help contrary to what I saw one tweeter write. Alas, there will always be cynics but, otherwise, goodness would not have a counterpoint and therefore no value.

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