Is It Leaky Gut or Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Consider that antibiotics are routinely used in animals, not to treat infections but to promote growth so the ultimate product would yield more profits. As much as 300 mg of antibiotics is used in production of every kilogram of meat and eggs. antibiotic resistant bacteria. By the way, small amounts of antibiotics can still be detected in the meat that is ready for you to buy and then eat!

Altered intestinal bacteria in person consuming host to a potential pathogenic pattern.

Altered intestinal milieu with disrupted micro ecology in the person consuming meat.

Benefits of meat raised without drug/antibiotic use

To be fair, rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria is much more due to use Women Canada Goose Dawson Parka Navy Outlet Australia of antibiotics by humans rather than the use in farm animals.

Wall Street Journal Best Seller Dr. M's Seven X Plan for Digestive HealthHow well do you know about the meat you consume everyday?

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A case for organic food

No wonder, there has been an exponential rise of antibiotic resistant organisms that have potential to cause disease. Beware, those who have suboptimal immune status and frequent infections!

A Consumer Report study found presence of the drug ractopamine that is again used to promote growth in animals.

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Studies suggest a bidirectional exchange of bacteria between animals and humans. An injudicious use of antibiotics in animals or humans is not just a public health problem but strikes home at people at greater risk.

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Wait, there's more!

No studies have examined a direct benefit, hence we have to go by circumstantial evidence, connect the dots and try to do what may be safer for at least the select populations