Duck eggs have a higher caloric value than chicken eggs. They are rich in fat and have a high amount of cholesterol. The amount of vitamins and nutritional value of any egg is dependent on the diet. Ducks who forage, receive vegetables, fruits and insects in addition to commercial feed will supply a more nutritious egg than ducks with a commercial feed only diet. The eggs have a rich flavor and are good for frying and boiling as a normal meal option. They are also fluffy and valued for baking and cooking pastries.

´╗┐About Duck Eggs

Ducks are among the most productive egg laying birds available for farm use. Campbell ducks are known to lay upwards of 300 eggs per year while a typical chicken will lay closer to 250 eggs per year. Ducks do consume more feed than chickens, which factors into the monetary value of each egg. Egg production also varies seasonally and is dependent on care. You must check nesting boxes and pens daily to remove any eggs. Ducks are less likely to lay if an existing egg is present. The summer season is highly Men Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Black Melbourne productive while the short days of winter lessen production. The addition of artificial light during the winter is often used to encourage egg laying.

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