There is no regulated date for that and Kowalski said not removing a blind is a violation of the Public Lands Act. That act, says the ministry, could remove the material and recover the cost by going after the person who left the material on public land in court. The act says if convicted, the person could face a fine of up to $10,000 and more fines per day that the material remained on public land.

Kingsville should stop the waterfowl hunting that is close to residential areas, its waterfront parks and beaches, Laporte said. He's an angler and hunter and whoever left the duck blinds should be ashamed, he said.

Kingsville resident and hunter Tim Dobson, 51, said he grew up hunting in the lake and would hate to see a ban. He doesn put up duck blinds to hunt and agreed hunters who built the blinds should have removed them including the posts.

Lakefront resident Dennis Laporte is fed up with six or seven large duck blinds in Lake Erie south of Kingsville's Lakeside Park to Cedar Island. He said he ran over the remains of one last spring in his boat and it caused more than $3,000 damage to his propeller. The debris is a danger to swimmers too, he said.

Duck blinds, sometimes cover for a few hunters or a boat, are larger and more difficult to remove than an ice fishing hut but even with the ice now, hunters could dismantle some of the structure, Dobson said.

think banning could be something that on the table," Santos said Thursday.

has to get these things out of here before the spring thaw, before they do more damage in the lake or end up on people beaches," Laporte said.

guys can call themselves sportsmen to Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Spirit Australia Sale leave this mess out there."

The duck hunting season began in September and ended Jan. 11. The Canada goose season ended Dec. 31.

Santos said he's had at least nine complaints over the blinds. There isn a petition yet but he suspects there are enough complaints to encourage council to look at hunting regulations in Lakeshore and Tecumseh. Under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, you can hunt on Lake St. Clair 200 metres from the water edge in Tecumseh and Lakeshore.

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If the hunters don remove the duck blinds, it isn clear who would take on that job.

Santos said he like to regulate the locations and keep blinds away from Lakeside Park and residential areas. look pretty darn close to the shoreline so that really a concern, Santos said.

It is more complicated than the system for ice fishing huts. Any permanent huts have to be removed by March 15 and since they are registered, fines can start at $150 if they are left on the ice, Kowalski said Friday afternoon.

Ministry of Natural Resources spokeswoman Jolanta Kowalski said there could be potential violations based on where the duck blinds are located. Some hunting structures are allowed without permits but "those activities on Crown land are temporary in nature and equipment such as blinds must be removed at the end of the hunting season."

´╗┐Abandoned duck blinds may prompt hunting ban debate in Kingsville

a hunter and I'm agreeing with you. We got to get rid of these. Again, kids jet skiing and swimming out there, you hit something and you can't see the post," said Dobson who was out ice fishing Friday.

Duck blinds abandoned in Lake Erie this winter could push Kingsville council to ban hunting along its shore, Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos said this week.