A friend and I just got back from northern Alberta where we spent eight days hunting geese. I'd heard all sorts of wonderful reports from meteorologists, biologists and Canadian friends about spring snowstorms, lots of water, and scads of waterfowl. This was my 22nd year in a row and I really didn't need much encouragement to go, but I was happy my friend Steve would see Canada at its finest.

I have a bachelor friend, Ward, in Provost, Alberta, and Steve and I stayed at his house and hunted his farm. Ward was having women problems, but Ward is always having women problems. Largely, this is due to the paucity of single females in the farm country near the Saskatchewan border.

While Steve and I were staying with him, though, Ward took first dibs on a pretty little waitress at the truck stop a new girl in town. We went there several mornings for breakfast after our hunts. One morning, Ward was laying it on thick and while Steve and I visited with other farmers sitting around the big table, the new gal spilled a pot of hot coffee in Ward's lap.

Steve had never hunted waterfowl in Alberta before. Over the years, he's shown me a lot of fine fishing near his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and I wanted him to experience a "typical" Alberta waterfowl adventure which is to say mile upon mile of golden stubble and thousands upon thousands of migrating Canadas, specklebellies and snow geese settling to feed in harvested pea and wheat fields.

At the time, I thought Ward's howls were pretty funny, but I'm sorry now I laughed. Ward had to spend the night in Cheap Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Red Australia the hospital and be subjected to all sorts of humiliating treatments.

Once, here in Washington, I saw Steve get so excited over a flock of five honkers he laid his new shotgun carefully in the mud, stood up and started waving his hat like the signalman on a carrier deck goose fever at its finest. I couldn't wait to see his reaction when 25 specklebellies peeled from a flock of 100 and strafed our blinds.

Later, Ward said the spilled coffee may have had something to do with his generous offer to "give the new waitress a big goose." He probably should have made it clear the goose was already plucked. It's a lot easier to give away geese if the feathers are off.

A big Canada goose

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