1. State Department is not a clear shift to right or left, an advance or retreat from what has previously been understood as the "Bush doctrine". It will become clearer when Ms Rice has made a statement or two after assuming the office."

Lots of big issues and we will see all of these slowly uncoil and emerge from the dense fog of the currently unknown in the coming months!

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With Arafat definitively gone ("in stable condition after dying in a Paris hospital" as James Taranto likes to put it), but Mahmoud Abbas pledged to continue Arafat's irredentist policies. Throughout the West, we seem to be assuming that Mr. Abbas is a lot more pragmatic than his words would suggest, if they were taken at face value. For reasons I gave recently, I think the Palestinian people are in the mood for peace, even at a fairly high price in abandoned dreams. But again we won't know until the game (of Arab Israeli peacemaking) resumes in earnest.

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I have read numerous US articles on Bush move to solidify his grasp of his departments. Fair dues, he won and he can do what he wants. The only prob is that in instances in the past were the president has done this there has always been poltical fallout somewhere in his second term. The articles referenced Johnston and Nixon as notable examples of this.

The likely emergence of a Shia dominated coalition, after decades of Sunni hegemony, will have consequences that we will all be talking about. What will it mean for US plans to disengage? What will it mean for neighbourhhod tyrannies such as Syria?

3. Iraq: