2015 Alpina B6 Gran Coupe is BMW

In Canada, Alpina offers two models the B7 sedan and the B6 Gran Coupe though more are available in Europe. Both models are purchased through BMW dealers and come with a BMW warranty.

Alpina builds luxury cars: cars that are faster and more comfortable than their BMW counterparts. The B6, for example, rides better than BMW's Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Black Melbourne own high performance M6 Gran Coupe ever could. Sure, the B6 sacrifices some sharpness and race track carving ability, but who would take that car to a track? In the real world of traffic jams, road trips and potholes, the B6 is better.

The German company started tuning and racing BMWs in the 1960s and built a strong reputation among gearheads. Today, Alpina takes BMWs off the regular production line and fits tuned BMW engines, plusher leather interiors, new suspension and a subtle body kit consisting of lip spoiler and Alpina's classic 20 inch wheels. Gold or silver pinstriping is optional, and done tastefully, sir.

Not only that, the B6 is quicker, too, because of its all wheel drive system. The Alpina completes the 0 100 km/h benchmark in 3.9 seconds. The tuned twin turbo V 8 makes 540 horsepower today, and for 2016, Alpina says it's been pushed up to 600 that's more than Ferrari's hard core 458 Speciale road racer.

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Alpina is the answer to those one per center prayers for a more exclusive BMW. This B6 Gran Coupe may look like a 650i BMW, but it's not. Alpina is an auto maker in its own right. In addition to making cars, the firm also collects and distributes vintage wine. Yes, really.