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"This fellow, in our view, was substantially harmed," he said.

Farley was acquitted of first degree murder July 18, 2008, along with Peter Chenier.

None of the allegations has been proven in court.

´╗┐Accused hitman hits back at police

He was arrested in Val des Monts as the trial was coming to a close on June 24, 2008, but wouldn't testify citing he was worried for his safety. He was later sentenced to three years in jail for contempt.

Farley will allege police acted with negligence when they arrested him, breached his Charter rights and made a false arrest resulting in his "false imprisonment."

OTTAWA A man who spent a decade in prison as the hit man in a 1997 murder only to be acquitted in 2008 intends to sue the Ottawa police for a million dollars for every year he was behind bars.

The Crown had alleged Chenier hired Farley to kill Earl Joe, 41, who was gunned down in his Cheap Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Red Australia Uplands Dr. townhome May 21, 1997.

George Farley filed a notice of action at the Ottawa courthouse with the help of a lawyer Thursday seeking $10 million for general damages relating to his arrest Oct. 30, 1997 and a subsequent first degree murder charge and conviction.

The pair's second trial was by judge only but without key Crown witness Andre Boisclair who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Joe's death March 13, 1998 in exchange for his testimony in the first trial against Farley and Chenier. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for doing so.

When the second trial began in 2008 he refused to testify a second time and went into hiding.

His lawyer, Richard Bosada, said the statement of claim will be filed within 30 days.

Joe was killed five days before he was to testify Chenier stabbed him in the stomach in a dispute over Chenier's wife, Jennifer.

A spokeswoman for the Ottawa Police Services Board, the body named as the defendant in the court document, said they have no knowledge of the claim so they couldn't comment.

The Crown's case relied heavily on testimony from criminals and a 2001 conviction that handed Farley and Chenier a 25 year sentence was overturned on appeal Feb. 10, 2006.