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sold 193,116 deer permits for the 2012 13 season, the third highest in the state's history. Those hunters shot 94,000 deer, one of the highest totals in the last five years.

For decades, northern was the place to go for both quality and quantity of deer. But that has changed. Deer populations in northern are declining because of a series of factors. 16 Dec. 31. Firearms: Regular season: Dec. 4 15. Extended whitetail antlerless only (for only Units 7, 8 and 15): Jan.

"The rain we've had has added a lot of vegetation; a lot of good escape cover for the deer," said Lloyd Fox, deer biologist for the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. "With all that new cover, the deer might be harder for hunters to spot this year."

DEERSEASON DATES: Archery: Opened Sept. 15 Nov. 15 and Nov. 27 Jan. 15. Firearms: Youth: Nov. 2 3 and Jan. 4 5. Main Season: Nov. 16 26. Antlerless: Nov. 27 Dec. 8. Alternative methods: Dec.

Fox calls the deer population "stable," although pockets of strong deer populations are increasingly fragmented across the state. The big corn fed bucks that the state is known for are still out there, and that is drawing hunters like never before.

Still, the added moisture will be beneficial for deer. Though they fared well through more than two years of drought, the new cover will be welcome during the rut (mating period) this fall.

Keep that in mind if it's a little more difficult to find deer this fall.

Hunters probably won't get that lucky this year. The acorn crop is better, and wildlife officials predict that will keep deer in the deep woods, where they are harder to hunt.

A look at the prospects by species for the 2013

Because of the patchwork effects of the hemorrhagic disease, hunting prospects could differ drastically even within one county. There still will be pockets of outstanding hunting, and other locations where deer will be difficult to find.

The population is down after a severe outbreak of hemorrhagic disease in 2012, the long term effects of liberal hunting regulations and the drought. But more than ever, the hunting prospects will differ by location.

In general, deer populations are declining in northern and steadily climbing in the Ozarks. Last year was an excellent season in southern because of a lack of acorns for the deer to feed on. Women Canada Goose Dawson Parka Red Australia That forced the deer to feed in more wide open areas where they were more visible.